Sales Showcase FALL 2018



Epsilon Theta Senior

I went into the sales showcase last year not really knowing what to expect. I practiced doing different techniques but once you get into the actual room that’s when you learn what you’re made of. It’s a great learning experience because the buyers and judges know that you’re a student and it’s a practice. I definitely came out of it a better sales person, with connections for better job offers from the career fair as well. Highly recommend. 

Nyamzum gwamna

Reflection after first role play

At Regionals I met many PSE chapter members from all over the Midwest, which will be valuable connections in the future. I also decided to compete in the Marketing Case Competition. The Case Competition was exhilarating because it allowed me to brainstorm and think critically with a team.

My team ended up place 1st at the conference, which was huge confidence boost for the rest of the year! 

Noah Wright

Last years Winner

After participating and winning the sales competition last year, I have talked about it to future employers and it has been a definite resume builder. Pictured to the right.

The sales competition gave me the experience I needed to succeed at the national sales competition and the confidence to propel me into my career.
— Chris mcconahay, previous 1st place winner