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uni sales showcase 2018



Stemming from the annual UNI PSE Sales Competition, the Sales Showcase is a new and improved version to showcase the best Marketing & Sales Students across the Midwest. The Sales Showcase has been designed to deliver a higher quality sales competition along with many new features including a marketing competition, social mixer, professional development seminars, and a wider variety of schools across the Midwest.



Past competitor testimonies:

"Definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone!"

- Reagan Brown, Sophomore

"At first I was hesitant to do the sales comp, but looking back I'm so glad I did! Because I went outside of my comfort zone, I decided to not only pursue an internship in sales but also a future career. "

- Rachel Demmer, Senior

"You can be taught on how to sell and gain real world business experience but until you give yourself the opportunity to apply those lessons you will not grow. The sales competition is that opportunity. "

- Isaac Hoffman, Junior

"It was great to get in front of the sponsors! The job fair gave us great possibilities along with doing the sales comp before the headline sponsor. Great networking opportunity! "

- Julie VanEe, Junior

The sales competition gave me the experience I needed to succeed at the national sales competition and the confidence to propel me into my career.
— Chris mcconahay, last year's 1st place winner