UNI Student Registration

UNI Student Registration

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The sales competition is an individual sales role play which will last about 15 minutes. The competitor will act as a sales representative for our headline sponsor. Every competitor will participate in the first round for certain, and will move on to the final, second round, if they qualify.

The marketing competition is a group (4-6 participants) marketing role play which will last about 15 minutes. The competitors will have 2.5 hours to prepare for their presentation as a group. Each group will solve a marketing problem for our headline sponsor.

NOTE: You can only participate in the Sales OR Marketing competition. Not both.


  • Free appetizers at the Social Mixer

  • Free breakfast and Lunch on Saturday

  • Amazing networking opportunities with a variety of companies

  • 2 Professional Development seminars

  • Career Fair with 16+ Organizations

  • Participation in 1 (Sales or Marketing) Competition

  • Potential to win prizes- valued up to $300

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The price will increase to $30 on October 12th.

Registration is closed.